What is it?

AdBlue is a clear solution of demineralized water and automotive urea.

Its use will decrease your vehicles harmful emissions. For many cars, vans and trucks it is required to comply with emissions guidelines.


Where we Deliver to

Celtic Fuel Oils fleet of 9 delivery vehicles covers all areas of South East Wales from Bridgend through Cardiff, Newport, Chepstow and the Valleys. We also deliver into West Gloucestershire.

Deliveries are up to 3 working days. Working in association with Fast Fluid Power Ltd helps us maintain a delivery service which is second to none, just one phone call to any of the telephone numbers listed below is all that is needed.

  • 07554 422450 Jerry Haslett.
  • 01291 422852 Caldicot Depot.
  • 01291 691400 Raglan Depot.

We supply AdBlue in various pre-packed containers, barrels , 1000 ltr IBCs and bulk.

Celtic Fuel Oils Ltd supply AdBlue manufactured by GreenChem who are the leading manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue across Europe.

10l adblue canister 20l adblue_canisters with integrated spout



AdBlue is Essential as part of your compliance of Euro6 Emissions Regulation


If you have any questions about AdBlue we are happy to help.

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Who Should be Using It?

Any vehicle running an SCR Catalytic converter requires the use of Adblue to combat the effects of harmful emissions.

  • Ad Blue is NOT a fuel additive, it is stored in a separate tank fitted to all Euro 6 SCR vehicles from where it is injected into the catalytic converter causing a chemical reaction to drastically reduce emissions.

Currently SCR Catalytic converters can be found in

  • Lorries
  • Vans
  • Cars (particularly larger models)
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Plant

At Celtic Fuel Oils we can advise you on your requirements and supply accordingly.


Tips on AdBlue Use

  • Don't let your tank run out. If you do your emissions will soar and engine power will reduce.
  • Do not store it above 30 degrees C - if you do the active ingredient will evaporate quickly.
  • It has a shelf life when stored correctly of approximately 1 year. If you have AdBlue older than that then you should consider replacing it.